Emma Booth shot by Tane Coffin

@P@ 1 You’re about to be obsessed with this girl. We’re head over heels for Emma Booth. No, really. This is the most fun Cosmo’s Rebecca Sloan has ever had during an interview… 68 cosmopolitan.com.au to subscribe call 136 116 COS_ 1505_ 1_ 64705_ 4.0_ 6816/03/2015 9:17:56 PM
@P@ 1 W ithin 20 minutes of meeting Emma Booth, I’ve cringed, cursed and cried from laughter – and we haven’t even started the interview yet. The Perth-born actress is a lot more sarcastic than I previously imagined – a misconception built from seeing her play quite intense characters in award-winning hit shows such as Underbelly and Cloudstreet. I’m chatting to her today as we’re shooting her for Cosmo to mark her new role as the face of Wittner. It’s not such a huge stretch for the 33-year-old who worked as a model in Paris, New York and Tokyo earlier in her career, but she’s totally stoked to be on board. “It’s an Australian brand that I admire and love to wear, so I’m excited,” she says. With a much-hyped TV show called Glitch out soon and a Hollywood blockbuster called Gods of Egypt, which also stars Gerard Butler and Geoffrey Rush, slated for release next year, I have a pretty strong feeling Emma won’t be gliding under the radar for much longer. And especially if she keeps being as authentic as this… > Jacket: $54.95, Bonds (bonds.com. au). Top: $89, May (maythelabel.com). Pants: $240, Lucy McIntosh (lucymcintosh shop.com). Necklace: $9.95, Colette by Colette Hayman (colettehayman.com.au). Backpack: $49.95, Colette by Colette Hayman (colettehayman.com.au). cosmopolitan May 2015 69 COS_ 1505_ 2_ 64705_ 4.0_ 6916/03/2015 9:17:59 PM
@P@ 1 above Jacket: $39.95, H&M (hm.com/au). Top: $60, Betty Browne (bettybrowne.com.au). Pants: $550, Daniel Avakian (danielavakian.com). Boots: $219.95, Wittner (wittner.com.au). Sunglasses: $79.95, Roc Eyewear (roceyewear.com.au). Bangles: $59.95 each, Mimco (mimco.com.au). Skateboard: Globe (globe.tv/aus). RIGHT Top: $59.95; skirt: $99.95, both Isla by Talulah (talulah.com.au). Jumper: around waist $129, Armani Exchange (03 9666 4888). Bracelet: $59, Amber Sceats (ambersceats.com). OPPOSITE PAGE Jumper: $66, Topshop (02 8072 9300). Skirt: $39.95, H&M (hm.com/au). Trench: around waist $249, Minty Meets Munt (mintymeetsmunt.com). Shoes: $189.95, Wittner (wittner.com.au). Necklace: $79.95, Mimco (mimco.com.au). 70 cosmopolitan.com.au to subscribe call 136 116 COS_ 1505_ 3_ 64705_ 4.0_ 7016/03/2015 9:18:12 PM
@P@ 1 cosmopolitan May 2015 71 So I’m going to ask you a bunch of random questions. Just say the first thing that pops into your head. Probably a lot of “umm”. I like to think about things. Here goes… What’s the best career advice you’ve ever been given and who said it? When I first got into acting, I did a couple of classes with this amazing lady who taught me, “Think the thoughts.” What does that even mean?! It means think what a character would be thinking instead of just saying the lines. That went “click”! Ever since she told me that I just went… [ skyrockets hand into the air, like career going up] What’s an app you use often? Shazam. It’s for when you’re like, “I have no idea what this song is!” Name a book that’s changed the way you think. Eat, Pray, Love. In what way? I’ve always been spiritual and [ author Elizabeth Gilbert] triggered it in me. I actually went to Bali and found all the people in the book. I’m going to Bali soon – you should tell me where they are! No, don’t go! They became so famous from her writing that… well, it was disappointing. Oh, OK. I get what you mean. So, moving on… If a guy offered to buy you a drink at a bar, what would you say? “Make it a double.” No, I’m kidding! Umm, what would I say? Well it depends if I found him interesting or not… But I’m married, so maybe I’d just say, “F*ck off, I’m married!” >“an amazing lady taught me, ‘Think the thoughts’”COS_ 1505_ 4_ 64705_ 4.0_ 7116/03/2015 9:18:16 PM
@P@ 1 Jumper: $449, Jude (judeaustralia. com). Charm ring: $25, Kookaï (kookai.com.au). Horseshoe ring: $5.95, Colette by Colette Hayman (colettehayman. com.au). Styling by Charlotta Backlund. Photography by T Coffin. Hair and makeup by Byron Turnbull/ Reload Agency. Styling assistant: Tami Weiser COS_ 1505_ 5_ 64705_ 4.0_ 7216/03/2015 9:18:22 PM
@P@ 1 “i’ll worry about stuff that’s not going to happen” cosmopolitan May 2015 73 [ Laughs] What about who’d be on your guest-list for your ideal dinner party? Buddha, my husband, my best friend and writer Katie Wall… oh, and Elvis. What’s your ultimate roommate rule? I don’t have a roommate rule. Ah, ’cos you live with your husband, right? But if you did have roommates, what would piss you off? If I did? Do not come home drunk with a whole bunch of people and be really loud when I’m trying to f*cking sleep. I think that’s a universal one! Tell us a secret about you that’s kind of a bit embarrassing. I’ve watched every season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I became addicted! What’s a random beauty thing you do? Wash my face? I hardly wear makeup, so probably the weird beauty thing I do is basically nothing. How did you make your first dollar? Working in a bakery – Brumby’s – when I was 12. Wow, that’s young – was that even allowed? And how much did you earn an hour – $5?! $5.60, thank you very much! But then I got my first gig on TV not long after that, so no more bakery for me. What trait of yours do you wish you could stop doing? Worrying. I’ll worry about  stuff that’s probably not going to happen. It could be about people I love who are going through hard times or about when to get pregnant… stupid things, well no, not stupid things. Is there anything you do to try to stop yourself from worrying? Yeah, totally. I love flower essences – bush flower and bark flower essences. I make up potions, which are amazing. OK, this is a deep one… If you were a shoe, what would you be? Wow. Shit man, that’s pretty deep. I’d be an old vintage ’70s boot. What would you cook for your friends? A roast chicken with sage and lemon stuffing. And a big quinoa salad with roast beetroot and goat’s cheese. What’s your next tattoo going to be? It’s going to involve pastel colours… and possibly a

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