Jason Derulo and Kendal Schuler shot by Richard Freeman

@P@ 1 WORDS BY KATE LEAVER STYLING BY CHARLOTTA BACKLUND PHOTOGRAPHY BY RICHARD FREEMAN Jason Derulo, the man who says your booty don’t need explainin’, shoots exclusively with Cosmo co0114p140_ r2_ jason – 140 2013-11-14T10:01:03+11:00
@P@ 1 141 T-shirt: $79, MLM (mlmlabel.com). Skirt: $89.95, Staple the Label (staplethelabel.com.au). Shoes: $130, River Island (au.river island.com). Rings: from $120, Swarovski (1300 791 599). OPPOSITE PAGE Kendal wears Dress: $250, Bec & Bridge (02 9310 4230). Rings: $12.99 for set of four, Samantha Jade for Diva (diva.net.au). Jason wears Shirt: $169, Saba (saba.com.au). Pants: (with belt) $89.95, Zara (02 9216 7000). Bow tie: $80, Ksubi (ksubi.com). W hen sexy singer Jason Derulo walks into the studio, he throws his arms up and yells, “Where the party at, yo!” He shakes each person’s hand, introduces himself as “Jay”, and motions for his entourage to follow. His publicists, stylist, security guy and finally his barber file in. First order of business is Jason’s hair, which looks immaculate as it is. Forty minutes later, perfection has been improved. He slips inside the change room and reappears shirtless. Everyone gasps but tries to act cool, pretending not to notice his sixpack. “Can we get some music in here?” he says, and our makeup artist flicks on Wild For the Night by A$AP Rocky. Jay shouts, “Yes! Gangster!” and gets his game face on. He steps in front of the camera and doesn’t hold back when it comes to getting close to our baben model. The famous singer is in Australia to promote his third album Tattoos, but he’ll be back to tour nationally in April 2014 – so clear your schedule! co0114p141_ r2_ jason – 141 2013-11-14T10:01:59+11:00
@P@ 1 142 co0114p142_ r1_ jason – 142 2013-11-13T11:08:23+11:00
@P@ 1 143 Jason wears Tee: $69.95, Ksubi (ksubi.com). Shorts: $249.95, Scotch & Soda (scotch-soda.com.au). Necklace: his own. Skull bracelet: $19.95; chain bracelet: $17.95, both Icon Brand (iconbrand.com). Kendal wears Vest: $449, MLM (mlmlabel.com). Bra: $89.95, Finders Keepers (02 9212 2280). Shorts: $139.95, Cameo (02 9212 2280). Rings: from $69, Vera-Xane (veraxane.com). OPPOSITE PAGE Jason wears Blazer: (with pocket square) $145, Topman (02 8072 9300). T-shirt: $19.95, CO. by Cotton On (cottonon.com.au). Jeans: $219.95, Ksubi (ksubi.com). Watch: his own. Kendal wears Dress: $499, Minette Shuen (minetteshuen.com). Index finger Double ring: $169.95, Sally Skoufis (sallyskoufis.com). Single ring: $180, Swarovski (1300 791 599). Middle finger Silver rings: $120 each, Swarovski (1300 791 599). Ring finger Stacked ring: $269.95, Sally Skoufis (sally skoufis.com). co0114p143_ r2_ jason – 143 2013-11-14T10:03:00+11:00
@P@ 1 144 On the J train Use the free viewa app and scan this page to see behind-the-scenes vid of our fun shoot. VIEWA CONTENT AVAILABLE DECEMBER 2, 2013-FEBRUARY 3, 2014co0114p144_ r1_ jason – 144 2013-11-13T11:09:58+11:00
@P@ 1 Jason wears Hoodie: $130, Calvin Klein Jeans (03 9869 8100). Shorts: $219.95, Ksubi (ksubi.com). Sneakers: $240, Converse (converse.com.au). Watch: His own. Kendal wears Hoodie: $119; skirt: $119, both Maurie & Eve (02 9997 4634). Boots: $280, Shakuhachi (shakuhachi.net). Rings: from $91, Swarovski (1300 791 599). Chain bracelet: $35; rope bracelet: $22; both Wanderlust + Co (wanderlustandco.com). OPPOSITE PAGE Jason wears Shirt: $219.95, Ksubi (ksubi.com). Shorts: $59.95, Didier Cohen for Cotton On (cottonon.com.au). Necklace: $29.95, Icon Brand (iconbrand.com). Watch: his own. Hair by Byron Turnbull/Reload Agency. Makeup by Rachael Brook for MAC Cosmetics/DLM. Model: Kendal/Chadwick Models. Styling assistant: Nicole Lucas. co0114p145_ r1_ jason – 145 2013-11-13T11:10:46+11:00

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